Thursday, December 24, 2009

From the Prince to the world

In behalf of my crew : ) , I would like to wish all my readers and friends here at blogspot a very Merry Christmas!!!


Santa, I really think that you should install your TCAS [Traffic Collision Avoidance System] before you go out again next year...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pam Ann.. Love her!!! :D

Who is Pam Ann?

Caroline Reid, better known by her stage name Pam Ann, is an Australian comedian. Reid portrays the air-hostess Pam Ann, a mixture of drag, camp andglamour, and a pun on the airline Pan Am. Reid as Pam Ann can be seen on tour in the United Kingdom such as at The UCL Bloomsbury, she also has a guest-role in the BBC show Fast Track. She also frequently conducts shows in major cities in the US, Canada and her native Australia.

Performances tend to emphasise the vagaries of air travel, including the identifying quirks of various airlines around the world, mixed with a generous dose of ribald humour and double entendre. Reid often caters to airline employees and frequent travellers in her audience, directly involving them in the performance.

Her Characters

PamPam AnnHer signature character
LilySingapore AirlinesA Singapore Chinese-flight attendant who would sacrifice passenger safety for her Gucci handbag
ValerieAmerican AirlinesAn ageing American flight attendant from Texas, who is usually accompanied with a man in an Osama bin Laden mask
VanityVirgin Atlantic AirwaysA sultry, woman in red who asks that passengers call her sex line at 0 800 747 400
MonaBritish AirwaysA BA attendant who has appeared with a horse-head instead of a face and "piss off" attitude
DonnaEasyJetA typical, ignorant chav dressed in orange with Croydon facelift and hoop earings
VespaAlitaliaA perky Italian woman who greets passengers with "Ciao! Belissimo! Donatellaversace!"
Chantal JemeladonneAir FranceA snobby fashionista who walks the aircraft aisle as if it were a catwalk
MarciaUnspecified AfricanairlineDressed in flowing gowns and accompanied with soul music
HeidiScandinavian Airlines SystemA stereotypical Swedish blonde woman who usually appears undressed with coffee pots strategically located
Conchita Rosa María González GómezIberia AirlinesA tiny Spanish woman with bright red hair and sings "Fanta Do you wanna Fanta? Fanta? Fanta?"
HelgaLufthansaA brash, dominating woman who barks out commands and orders
Unnamed Arabic WomanEmirates Airline &Etihad AirwaysA woman with a chador and ski mask talking gibberish that resembles Arabic.
Unnamed Indian WomanAir IndiaA woman in a sari who ignores passenger's requests on call button (made by herself), while declaring "I am fingering the air hostess, but she is not coming."
Malaka PustisOlympic AirlinesA cigarette smoking, kebab meat cutting woman who says pustis pustis pustis malaka tzatziki.
GloriaQantasA Qantas air hostess who wears the typical Qantas uniform. While giving the safety video, she states some of Qantas defects. She also offers a full "head to toe" licking for everyone who still chooses to fly Qantas.
SarahVirgin BlueA Virgin Blue air hostess who offers passengers salty nuts. When a hostage tries taking her hostage, she offers him oral pleasure.
ClodaghRyanairAn Irish flight attendant who often syphens fuel from other airlines and repeatedly shouts "I LOVE MY JOB"
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Monday, December 7, 2009

EK to commence service to AMS starting May 1, 2010

The airline continues to blossom as it announces its 23rd route to Europe via The Netherlands. The route will be operated by a 777-200LR and ER in a daily, non-stop basis. This is the fourth new destination to be announced this year by the carrier. Durban and Luanda were launched in October and Tokyo was recently announced to commence on March 28, 2010.

Starting May 1 of next year, EK145 will depart DXB at 0825hrs and will arrive in AMS at 1330hrs. Return flight EK146 will depart AMS at 1530hrs and will arrive in DXB at 2359hrs.

The new European service comes on the back of exclusive lounge openings in DUS, HAM and MAN and extra frequencies to FCO, buidling up to a double daily in February.

EK will receive an additional 2 A380s this December and will be deployed to ICN from the 14th of December and to CDG two weeks later.