Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mid Exam Week

Yesterday was a very bad day for me. I hardly slept because I was preparing for my exams. Since I didn't sleep, I expected that I was going to arrive in school early (big deal if you're always late). My anxiety was growing as I prepare to leave my house. Things started to change when our driver turned the van around to take a different route. What a waste of time (15minutes of it, plus the time we traveled to get back on the usual route). I arrived in school at around 8:30 (30 mins late for my exam) when I remembered that I still have to print something. Ugh. The printer at the shop was acting weird, it wouldn't print my documents unless it's on normal mode (I prefer draft coz it prints faster). By the time it was done, it's already 9am. I was arguing with the person in charge on the shop about how slow their printer is. I remained calm because she is my friend and it wasn't her fault anyway. Then I went inside the campus to find my professor and talk to him about the exam I missed. He was kind enough to give me the exam right there in the office. As I was taking the exam, I noticed that almost none of what I reviewed was there. Wtf!. After that, I prepared for my exam by 12. I was cramming to review the topic I missed on that subject just to learn it is not included in the exam. But I can say that I did well. Bad lucks are over.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Malling with Angelo

As usual, food tripping was fun. We decided to eat at Burger King since we were at Wendy's last week (we love expensive burgers). Like I told him, I don't want to say big burgers coz it sounds like we're gluttonous. After indulging our taste buds, we walked around the mall and visited the usual places we go to whenever we are there. Bench (underwears), Surplus shop (anything), Our Home (stuff), and Book Sale for DUH!.. I was looking for books about travel so we went to BS. We scoured through shelves of books and managed to find a few. I only bought one to see if it's worth reading. Marrakesh is the capital city of Morocco. An Arabic country that also speaks french. Nice!. The book is published by Rough Guides. They have other titles or should I say countries?. Well, that's all I can tell for now coz I haven't read the book yet.

Emirates flies to Morocco daily through Casablanca Mohamed V Airport. EK751 DXB-CMN Departs DXB 0735 and Arrives in CMN 1155

Sunday, August 23, 2009

cont. of the previous post

By 1pm we went all went to our tambayan (a.k.a tita B's house). And there, we enjoyed the free aircon. Lolz.. Tita C followed by 3pm coz we’re going to visit my cousin's new house in Silang. The place is really nice. It's overlooking Laguna de Bay. Nice setting for breakfast on the terrace while the sun is rising. Sooo romantic. After 30 minutes or so, we decided to go home. On the way, we stopped to buy japanese corns. A guy approached us and asked if we would be interested in viewing their model houses. Since we are scouting for a nice community to live in, we said yes (I thought he was cute).

South Forbes Golf City is a 250 hectares of land located just a few minutes away from Sta. Rosa. It is divided into 6 classifications of modern subdivision living + 2 condominiums. Bali Mansions, Phuket Mansions, Chateaux de Paris, Mediterranean Villas, Miami, and the Tokyo Mansions. When we entered the model house for the Tokyo Mansions I was so impressed by how it is designed. The Meiji model is the best for me. It has a huge staircase, a T&B to die for, 3 bedrooms (1 convertible to entertainment room), living area, a not so dirty kitchen, main kitchen, and dining. A fully furnished Meiji costs around 40M. Expensive, right?. The agent advised me that it would be more practical if we buy just the lot and we can find our own contractors to build the house for us. More cheaper. He gave me a computation for the lot price. I think I may be able to start saving money for that in 1 year. Too bad, I was unable to charge my phone enough (just bought it today) so I can take pictures inside the model house itself. But my agent was kind enough to give me a portfolio of the properties. I took a picture of it instead. :)

This model house is the one I was talking about. Few teleseryes had been filmed here. "Eva Fonda" and the "Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang".. I hate GMA.. \m/

Visit for more info. :)

My new Imate

My uncle and my mom went to Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan yesterday. I wanted to go but I was too tired so I decided to stay home. My cousin slept over at our house so I could go with her to her house to fix her TV in the morning. It was already 9am when we got off of the bed. I was craving for some fastfood when I found out that I didn't have any money left. So I just sipped a cup of coffee with pandesal, and off we went to her house. I immediately assembled her newly bought TV in the living room. After assembling it, I quickly suggested that we put it inside her room and turn the aircon ON (It's so darn hot in her living room). I was rummaging stuff on her bed when I saw a zip lock bag with wires in it. I got curious and opened it. I was surprised to see that there was a phone inside the plastic. She told me that she was selling it. Since I needed a new phone, I told her that she could help me convince my mom to buy it for me. I was so ecstatic that I immediately put my SIM on the phone and then off we went to my aunt's house for lunch. We thought we were the first to arrive in our auntie's house when we saw my mom sitting right under the mango tree. My cousin had to find the right timing to tell my mom to buy the phone. I must say that she nailed it coz she got my mom to buy the phone. Hurray! After years of waiting patiently, at last, a new phone. It's actually a pda phone so it's more than what I expected. It has a 2 megapixel cam (which is not too important for me), Microsoft Office Mobile (2007), Wi-Fi, and some other programs that can be found usually on smart phones. And its operating system is Windows Mobile 6.1. I actually typed this blog on the phone’s MS Word. That’s what I call break-in!. The phone may look like a china phone (for people who doesn't know the difference between a Nokia and a Sony Ericsson phone). The phone is available only on few countries including Dubai, Italy, UK and Singapore being the only country in SE Asia to market the phone. visit for more info.