Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Job, First Out

On June 23rd, I started working in a manufacturing industry as an FA Engineer. FA means Failure Analysis BTW. During my first week on the job I was having nostalgic moments regarding my dreams and that certainly added frustration to me. The point was, I really wanted to quit during that first week so bad, that I almost cried. During my 3rd week (last week), I can say that I was enjoying my job as I learn new things everyday from the job itself and from my workmates. Then IRONY happened. It was the day typhoon Basyang wreaked havoc in the country when my manager called me for somewhat I thought to be a meeting. There were only the two of us in the conference room when she started telling me about the status of the company. She had no choice but to tell me that I was one among the employees with probationary status to be axed from the company. It was really devastating to be in my position at that time. First job, yet this happened to me. Not to mention the adjusting I have to do again on the next job. I went home and told my mom the situation at work. I seriously cried while telling her my disappointments and how my plans will not be fulfilled. I kept on looking for signs why it happened to me and that somehow something much better will come my way. Only the assurance of my boss that she will help me find a more stable company for me kept me going. At least I won't look for jobs myself anymore and the referral could also assure me of securing the job. Oh well, they say that things happens for a reason and I am yet to know that reason. As I count my last days on the office, I'm just enjoying the company of my friends whom I befriended since I started working there.


England, July 17 (Reuters) - Emirates airline is set to place a $5 billion order for 20 Boeing (BA.N) 777 wide-body jets, aviation sources said on Saturday.

The order could be a key feature of the opening day of the July 19-25 Farnborough air show on Monday, when the Dubai-based airline is expected to hold a news conference.

Boeing declined to comment.

An order for 20 of the latest model of 777s, which seats 365 passengers, would be worth $5.4 billion at list prices.

Emirates, the largest airline in the Arab world, placed an order for 32 Airbus (EAD.PA) A380s at the Berlin air show last month and said it was likely to order more aircraft soon.

(Reporting by Tim Hepher, Editing by Andrea Shalal-Esa)((+331 4949 5452