Thursday, December 24, 2009

From the Prince to the world

In behalf of my crew : ) , I would like to wish all my readers and friends here at blogspot a very Merry Christmas!!!


Santa, I really think that you should install your TCAS [Traffic Collision Avoidance System] before you go out again next year...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pam Ann.. Love her!!! :D

Who is Pam Ann?

Caroline Reid, better known by her stage name Pam Ann, is an Australian comedian. Reid portrays the air-hostess Pam Ann, a mixture of drag, camp andglamour, and a pun on the airline Pan Am. Reid as Pam Ann can be seen on tour in the United Kingdom such as at The UCL Bloomsbury, she also has a guest-role in the BBC show Fast Track. She also frequently conducts shows in major cities in the US, Canada and her native Australia.

Performances tend to emphasise the vagaries of air travel, including the identifying quirks of various airlines around the world, mixed with a generous dose of ribald humour and double entendre. Reid often caters to airline employees and frequent travellers in her audience, directly involving them in the performance.

Her Characters

PamPam AnnHer signature character
LilySingapore AirlinesA Singapore Chinese-flight attendant who would sacrifice passenger safety for her Gucci handbag
ValerieAmerican AirlinesAn ageing American flight attendant from Texas, who is usually accompanied with a man in an Osama bin Laden mask
VanityVirgin Atlantic AirwaysA sultry, woman in red who asks that passengers call her sex line at 0 800 747 400
MonaBritish AirwaysA BA attendant who has appeared with a horse-head instead of a face and "piss off" attitude
DonnaEasyJetA typical, ignorant chav dressed in orange with Croydon facelift and hoop earings
VespaAlitaliaA perky Italian woman who greets passengers with "Ciao! Belissimo! Donatellaversace!"
Chantal JemeladonneAir FranceA snobby fashionista who walks the aircraft aisle as if it were a catwalk
MarciaUnspecified AfricanairlineDressed in flowing gowns and accompanied with soul music
HeidiScandinavian Airlines SystemA stereotypical Swedish blonde woman who usually appears undressed with coffee pots strategically located
Conchita Rosa María González GómezIberia AirlinesA tiny Spanish woman with bright red hair and sings "Fanta Do you wanna Fanta? Fanta? Fanta?"
HelgaLufthansaA brash, dominating woman who barks out commands and orders
Unnamed Arabic WomanEmirates Airline &Etihad AirwaysA woman with a chador and ski mask talking gibberish that resembles Arabic.
Unnamed Indian WomanAir IndiaA woman in a sari who ignores passenger's requests on call button (made by herself), while declaring "I am fingering the air hostess, but she is not coming."
Malaka PustisOlympic AirlinesA cigarette smoking, kebab meat cutting woman who says pustis pustis pustis malaka tzatziki.
GloriaQantasA Qantas air hostess who wears the typical Qantas uniform. While giving the safety video, she states some of Qantas defects. She also offers a full "head to toe" licking for everyone who still chooses to fly Qantas.
SarahVirgin BlueA Virgin Blue air hostess who offers passengers salty nuts. When a hostage tries taking her hostage, she offers him oral pleasure.
ClodaghRyanairAn Irish flight attendant who often syphens fuel from other airlines and repeatedly shouts "I LOVE MY JOB"
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Monday, December 7, 2009

EK to commence service to AMS starting May 1, 2010

The airline continues to blossom as it announces its 23rd route to Europe via The Netherlands. The route will be operated by a 777-200LR and ER in a daily, non-stop basis. This is the fourth new destination to be announced this year by the carrier. Durban and Luanda were launched in October and Tokyo was recently announced to commence on March 28, 2010.

Starting May 1 of next year, EK145 will depart DXB at 0825hrs and will arrive in AMS at 1330hrs. Return flight EK146 will depart AMS at 1530hrs and will arrive in DXB at 2359hrs.

The new European service comes on the back of exclusive lounge openings in DUS, HAM and MAN and extra frequencies to FCO, buidling up to a double daily in February.

EK will receive an additional 2 A380s this December and will be deployed to ICN from the 14th of December and to CDG two weeks later.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Latest EK news

Nov. 18, 2009

  • An A340-541 with registration A6-ERG is to be re-delivered to Emirates after 4-5 months of repair. Earlier this year, the aircraft suffered from a tailstrike during the takeoff run. It wiped out some runway lights, Instrument Landing Antennae and just cleared the boundary fence. After takeoff, it circled Port Phillip Bay to dump fuel (necessary for emergency landing) while the cabin was filling with smoke. It landed safely with its 225 people on board.
Here is the picture of the a/c, fresh from Tolouse (TLS)

  • Emirates could use an additional 20 A380s on top of its existing order for 58 aircraft and is looking to take over delivery slots other carriers have abandoned for other jets. Emirates needs larger planes because DXB's runway system has limited capacity. The airline is looking into picking up delivery freed up by other airlines for Boeing 773ERs and changing its Airbus A350XWB order to focus more on the larger A350-1000, rather than the 900 series.
  • The Al Maktoum International will be used by international carriers. EK operations remains at DXB. It is said to be 10x larger than DXB. With 6 runways, it can land 4 aircraft simultaneously. DWC and DXB will be connected via high speed railway system and via Dubai Metro. The airport will be operational in 6-8 years.
  • Emirates CEO Tim Clark told that the carrier is increasing its global network in the future which EU will play an important role. MAD (Madrid) and CPH (Copenhagen) are under evaluation. TXL and STR traffic rights are still to materialze since they haven't been granted yet by the German Government.

Nov. 19, 2009

  • Berlin forces up Emirates' business fare
click the links for the article.

Nov 23, 2009

  • Emirates Airlines has announced plans to launch its second destination in Japan with its flight to the country's capital Tokyo that will begin on March 28, 2010. Emirates will fly non-stop five times weekly on every day of the week except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
EK318 will depart DXB 02:50 and arrives in NRT 17:55. the return flight will be as,
EK319 will depart NRT 21:40 and arrives in DXB 04:35 the following day.

This will be EKs 102nd destination.

Monday, November 23, 2009

One step at a time

For the past months, a lot of things happened to me. with that, I learned that we shouldn't rush things. If it is meant for you, it will be yours at the right time. Take one step at a time, start small and slowly climb your way up. There's nothing wrong in aiming high but make sure you don't expect too much. And if you fail, stand up and try again. Sometimes disappointments can help you mold yourself into perfection. Remember that great things in life happens unexpectedly, unplanned and unintended. We don't always get what we want in life and there are times that we have to sacrifice for our goals. Trust yourself that you will be what you ever dreamed of becoming to be.

A friend of mine had her disappointment when she got rejected for employment for NAS Air. She gave up Cebu Pacific, even though she already got the job, for NAS because its a much bigger opportunity for her. That didn't stop her from applying again for other airlines. When she applied for Emirates and Qatar, she got in. Seemed to me like she hit a pot of gold and blessings are really pouring on her. Now, she is just waiting for her DOJ (Date of Joining) for Emirates. Her story is quite similar to the movie "A View from the Top" that's why I always say to her that she is my Donna Jansen. FWB (click on the link for her blogs)

The point is, if you truly want something, never give up and take all the opportunities that comes knocking on your door. We will never know when will our time will be.

As for me, I will be venturing (for now) a similar job but on the ground. I will be applying as a Ground Attendant before going back for FA positions. After I got enough experience and I am more confident than ever, I will be back for Emirates. I have to admit that making a choice between being an FA and not an FA is really hard but I just have to. I wouldn't just quit on something I strongly believe is for me. Starting small.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

QR flight expansion for summer 2010

Qatar Airways has officially revealed major expansion plans for its long haul and medium haul route network which will come into effect from the on set of the IATA Summer 2010 season i.e. March 28th. The main highlights are as follows:

ISB - capacity increased from 5 weekly A 330s to 4 weekly B 77Ws + weekly A 333. The flights operated by the B 77W will be a same plane service to IAD via DOH.

ATQ - frequencies increased from 4 weekly to daily flights
using an A 320.

HKG - capacity increased from daily A 332 to daily B 77W from May 1st.

KHI - capacity increased from daily A 320 to 6 weekly A 321 + weekly A 333.

CMB - frequencies increased from double to triple daily nonstop flights using an A 320

KTM - frequencies increased from double to triple daily nonstop flights using an A 320.

LHE - capacity increased to 3 weekly A 333s + weekly A 321.

MAA - capacity increased from daily A 321 to 3 weekly A 333s + weekly A 332 + 3 weekly A 321.

BLR - new daily flights using an A 320 to be announced shortly.

FCO - frequencies increased from 4 weekly to daily flights using an A 332.

CAI - capacity increased from daily A 333 to 5 weekly B 77Ws + 2 weekly A 333s.

CEB - capacity increased from 3 weekly A 333s to 3 weekly B 77Ws.

DEL - capacity increased from daily B 77L to 6 weekly A 332s + weekly A 333.

BOM - capacity reduced from daily B 77W to weekly A 346 + weekly A 332 + 5 weekly A 333s.

JNB - capacity increased from daily A 332 to daily B 77W.

LOS - capacity increased from daily A 332s to daily A 346s.

MNL - capacity increased to daily A 333 + daily B 77W.

AMM - frequencies increased from daily to 12 weekly flights using an A 320.

KWI - frequencies increased from 4 to 5 times daily.

SAH - frequencies increased from 4 weekly to 11 weekly flights using an A 320.

CPT - capacity increased from 4 weekly A 332 to 4 weekly B 77Ws.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

EK continues to grow...

Emirates may look to buy more planes from Airbus and Boeing despite the recession that has prompted many other carriers to cancel and delay contracts.

Airline president Tim Clark said the current fleet was operating “flat out” and existing orders have been allocated to new services, prompting the Dubai- based company to assess the ability of Airbus and Boeing to source extra planes.

“We’re sounding out who’s got more just in case we decide to go ahead,” Clark said in an interview with newswire Bloomberg. “The fleet order we have in place is probably not as big as it needs to be.”

Emirates posts 165% rise in H1 profit

Dubai-based airline Emirates on Thursday said that first half profit more than doubled, boosted by passenger traffic gains and cost cutting.

The largest Arab airline said that net profit rose 165 percent to AED752m ($205m) in the six months ending September 30, from AED284m ($77m) in the year earlier period.

But revenue declined 13.5 percent to AED19.8bn ($5.4bn) in the period, and the company said it could take one to two years before demand for air transport picks up.

Friday, November 6, 2009

EK to increase flight to Asia Pacific region by 13%

Emirates Airlines will increase its seat load by 13 per cent for the Asia Pacific region in the next two months, as it adds more flights in expected demand growth.

Starting December 2009, Emirates will introduce a fourth daily service to Bangkok, a third daily service to Sydney, two additional flights to Manila and one additional service to Jakarta.

Between December 2009 and January 2010, 17 flights per week will be added. Post increase, the airline’s operation in Asia Pacific will escalate to 187 flights per week.

I think this is the main reason why Emirates is hiring cabin crews like crazy.

Existing flights that service MNL are EK332 and EK334 both by 77W which arrives in MNL at 1545 and 2230 respectively. Post expansion, operations will increase from 12 to 14 times weekly or a double daily service on every day of the week.

plus their new destination: LAD, three times weekly and increased flights to MRU, SEZ, MLE

MNL- Manila, Philippines
BKK- Bangkok, Thailand
CGK- Jakarta, Indonesia
SYD- Sydney, Australia
LAD- Luanda, Angola
MRU- Mauritius, Mauritius
SEZ- Mahe Island, Seychelles
MLE- Male, Maldives

Monday, November 2, 2009

Goodbye for a while

It's so sad that I have to say goodbye to my dreams for a while starting today. I just found out that I have failed one subject on my course. I really don't know what to feel right now, I'm just really dumbfounded. I don't know when will I be able to pick up my momentum and be excited as I was on being a cabin crew again.

Friday, October 23, 2009

my EK assessment

It's been exactly two weeks since I have gone through the Emirates' assessment. I've been meaning to blog about my experience but I was too disappointed and depressed to blog about it. Every time that people ask me about it, It turns my crankiness to maximum level. It's either I answer them or just ignore their questions. Now that I'm over that, I will share my experience so it can give an idea to others on what to expect on a screening process.

October 9, Friday, 9:00 a.m.

I arrived in IPAMS at around 9 in the morning. The place was jam packed compared to the last time I went there. I was really feeling a bit insecure because I feel that I'm not on my tiptop shape compared to the other guys. I had a pimple scar that time so I have to make use of the concealer that my friend lend me. I met a girl whose name I can't recall but she is on my phonebook and I'm just being lazy to look for it. She told me that she was a nursing graduate but it wasn't really her forte so she chose to work at a call center. I remember telling her that it will be an advantage for her because she is working on a costumer service oriented field. It was so nice of her to assure me that everything will be just fine because I was really nervous and shaking at that time. After an hour of talking to each other she got called for her height and weight measurements. After her, finally my turn, the guy measured my weight and I can say that he was a bit disappointed (me too for myself) and then he asked me to sit and wait for the next step. A few minutes have gone by and a girl called my name and asked me some questions.

Here were the questions asked to me AFAICR (not in order):

* Is this your first time to apply for Emirates?
* Since it is your second time, what preparations did you make prior to this assessment?
* Why do you still want to pursue your application with Emirates?
* Do you work?
* What is your course?

(she didn't bother to check my arm reach because I think she was pretty sure that I can reach over 212 cms)

After that, she asked me if she can see my hands. Of course I showed it to her but it really caught me off guard because I had hangnail scars that time. Ugh. Then she told me that they will email shortlisted candidates and I probably should be checking my email from time to time. At that point I knew that I wasn't going to receive one but still feeling optimistic.

10:30 a.m. - done with the screening

My friends started to get their invitations a week after. That made realize that I am never gonna get to receive an email. That's where I felt so disappointed to myself because I could have prepared a few months before even Emirates started recruiting again. Anyway, I still have the December's schedule. I will be more ready than ever. I'm thinking of studying French so it could add to my plus points. =)

Kudos to my friends who did well on QR's assessment and Goodluck to my friends attending the EK's selection process this weekend.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Emirates rules out 747-8I, but 'very keen' on 777 developments

Emirates Airline has ruled out ordering the Boeing 747-8Ipassenger variant as it focuses on building its fleet ofAirbus A380s. However, it is "very keen" to hear Boeing's plans to develop the 777.

"With the A380 as it is today, and as popular as it is today, why would you go back to the 747?" says Emirates Airline president Tim Clark.

The Dubai carrier had been pushing Boeing to develop a version of the 747-8I with the range capability to operate year-round services between its base and Los Angeles with an economic payload of around 370 passengers.

In parallel with Airbus's A380 weight reduction effort, Emirates has been working on its own savings says Clark. "On our own we've already taken out about 2.2t of operator items." This was partly due to a reduction in the potable water carried for the two on-board showers.

Through Airbus's effort, Clark believes that "by 2012 [deliveries] the manufacturer's empty weight of the A380 will be a minimum of 2t lighter on top of our 2.2t". However, he thinks the A380 will "always be challenged" to serve Los Angeles from Dubai.

The airline operates a 266-seat 777-200LR on the Dubai-Los Angeles service, and while Clark rules out the larger -300ER being capable of serving the route with an economic payload, he is awaiting news about the Boeing's plans to develop or replace the 777.

"Boeing knows we're very keen," says Clark, who expects to hold a meeting with the airframer "soon" to discuss ideas that could lead to a 777-300ER-sized aircraft capable of operating the Los Angeles route. "Even if they give us 8-10% [performance gains] by modifying the current 777, then we've got a chance getting that to Los Angeles," he says.