Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dakar, Senegal

Starting September 1st, Emirates will start flying to the capital of Senegal, Dakar. Service will be five times a week every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Another plus one reason to join EK... and plus one to the continent of Africa! :D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BS prob

If you're having trouble seeing my chatbox, just browse all the way down. For some reasons I pressed a wrong button which made my page a complete chaos.. thank you! :D I'll fix it as soon as I find how to.. :D


As you have noticed, I've been AWOL for quite some time now. It's just my stupid desktop gave up on me. And I have no internet connection at home coz' I'm thinking of switching to Globe's kickass 1mbps connection. Anyway, I would just like to update you guys what was happening in my life this past few months.

I just graduated last Mar. 26. Hurray finally! Now I can really concentrate on job hunting and on dieting. After extending a few years on a 5 year course, my hardwork finally paid off. Hardwork? yeah right! On the 29th I decided to go back to school to accomplish my clearance, as early as possible, to avoid long lines of students queueing for precious signatures of the concerned departments. One faculty definitely gave a new meaning to "precious" when we went to get our certificates for our EPP (English Proficiency Program, required for all students). He was really being bossy to the students and keep speaking English. I mean c'mon! I don't speak good English but I can tell who's being trying hard. I swear I was controlling myself to put my fist in his effin' face! He was the Director of the Language Department but hell, he doesn't deserve the respect we could have given to him. I know he is in somewhat "high" position but that doesn't mean he can boss people around. He has to learn how to respect other people regardless of their stature. I am so relieved that I finally got this out of my system. The lesson here is, You mess with my friends, You mess with me! BTW, I was just accompanying my friends that time. and one last thing. His signature wasn't even required for the clearance! Feeling much? so much for that.

I was supposed to go to NAIA last April 5 for my application as a PSA (Passenger Service Agent) or more commonly known as Ground Staff/Attendant. Unfortunately, I was having some issues with my face. You've guessed it! Pimple! :D So I decided to postpone it for a while until I finish my facial cleaning session on friday. I should probably go on Monday before boredom takes the best of me. If I get the job (I certainly hope so), this will be my stepping stone in becoming a cabin crew. I'm giving myself 6 months to be in shape and ready for the next assessment schedules. Some people just have to start somewhere before going to much larger venture. What's keeping me hype is the fact that QR and 5J are hiring males again. Woohoo! I'm actually considering applying for Duty Free positions in DXB. Desperation is to blame! I will do anything just to get to Dubai.

Emirates Update time!!

Emirates had just started flying to NRT on March 28! and I'm so looking forward for their first flight in AMS on May 1.
A380 will be replacing daily service of T7 in MAN starting on September
blah blah blah blah.. There are so many unfinished posts saved on my inbox here at BS but I was caught in a whirlwind where I seem to procrastinate stuff.