Thursday, May 27, 2010

On A Bad Luck Streak + EK and QR New Routes

Can't think of a much better introduction than I'm winning on a bad luck lottery! I blogged about my broken pc before, but that's just the start. Two days ago I had my rubber shoes stolen in my garage. My dad had left the gate open when he went to the store to buy something. It's not him to blame, I guess it's just about timing and the robber's timing was just right. I've been taking care of that shoes for one year now. No scratch and white as if it were brand new, and the reason why I'm keeping it that way is because it's the only pair I have (so not a grab-all-the-shoes-you-want person). Oh, and that's not the only thing stolen from me. Included is a Dunhill Cigarette case with one Marlboro Lights stick in it and a lighter. Give me a break already! Last night my PDA fell as I was looking for a place with a good reception while standing on my bed. It ricocheted when it hit the floor and the result was devastating. As I turned on the power, All I can see is a vertical red line on the center of the screen and then it turned pitch black. Can you imagine the horror I'm facing last dreaded night? I guess not. Well, unless you're facing the same dilemma. I just hope that there will be a light at the end of this very very long and dark tunnel. I'm now looking for a service center that can fix my phone. It's an Imate 8502 PDA phone, so if some of you know where I can get help, please do message me or comment below this blog.

EK Update:

Emirates has announced that they will be lauching a service to Baghdad, Iraq starting on July 1. Oh boy, I'm so excited to be waken up by your daily wake-up call explosions. I sure don't mind DEADheading on that destination :)

QR Update:

Qatar Airways will be upgrading its equipment and flights to Copehnhagen (CPH) from A319 to A330 and from four times to daily service respectively. It will also begin flying to Barcelona, Spain (BCN), Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE) and Sao Paolo, Brazil (GRU) this June. QR is also studying the feasibility of adding Oslo, Norway (OSL), Sydney, Australia (SYD), and Sofia, Belgrade (SOF) to its growing list of destinations.

Looks like Qatar Airways is not far behind Emirates...

It's just a matter of time before EK announce a new route again. DUB perhaps?? Btw, CPH is also on the plan. Review my previous post.

That got me thinking... Emirates or Qatar??

Well, wait for my next post. It's Pros and Cons time :)

Friday, May 7, 2010