Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hopeless No More.. :)

It is true! Emirates has placed 32 more A380s on top of their 58 on order during the Berlin Airshow. They will be increasing frequencies to their current destinations and possibly adding more routes by the end of this year. With that additional operations, they are also looking for 700 pilots to cope up with the demand.

What are the odds that I won't be on one of those planes? I'm feeling a bit down lately and this is the boost I need to keep me going. Dubai will certainly be the Hub of the world and with that expansion, the possibilities are just limitless. There's a saying that good things comes to those who patiently waits-luckily, I'm very patient.

On Tuesday, a company here in Laguna will be offering me my starting salary. So I'm guessing that I passed my final interview last week. Finally, I will earn my own money but I'm still focused in achieving my true love and this will be my stepping stone. I know it's not related to the aviation industry but the work experience will somehow help me. It's a little bit funny because throughout the final interview, the words FA, Fly High (Flight High) were used by the interviewers during the interview. Could that be a sign? Honestly, my eyes lit up when I heard her said FA. I even ask what it meant but of course it's an engineering term so I really can't remember it anymore.

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