Sunday, August 8, 2010

a sign or coincidence?

Qatar Airways will be having it's open day in MNL at the Diamond Hotel on August 21 just a week after my end-of-contract date with my present company. That made me think about signs. It worked for a friend so why shouldn't it be the same for me. Yesterday I had my facial cleaning check up done and went to the nearest computer shop right after, to check my mails. I always check IPAM's website for updates regarding OD's and AD's of QR and EK. I was happy to know that QR, as I've said, will be having it's OD here in MNL again. Being ecstatic and all, I went to the department store to look for a pinstripe business suit. It just happened that the particular suit I was looking for just came in that day. It was literally fresh from the box. I tried it on and well, it felt good so I decided to buy it. Whether I get QR or not, it's going to be just fine. After all, I just saw a sign today (for EK). Now, I've been cutting off from eating rice and tomorrow I will be starting to do a daily 2-hr cardio as a preparation for the OD on the 21st. I told my friend that no matter what happen, I'm still going. It's a do or die situation.

PAL is also hiring URGENTLY but that's a different story. :)


  1. I agree with you Prince, JUST GO.
    Whenever I see a thing that will remind me of EK or QR, or whatever airline, I just think of it as in inspiration to keep my dream alive all the time :) And, I'll tell you the same thing, I think it's also good to consider what happened as an INSPIRATION - to keep going and never give up.
    God bless!!

  2. actually I somehow see it as a blessing in disguise.. un nangyari sa company ko.. everyday ksi I feel like I don't belong there.. parang I need to be somewhere else... :) kya aun.. try ko..