Monday, November 2, 2009

Goodbye for a while

It's so sad that I have to say goodbye to my dreams for a while starting today. I just found out that I have failed one subject on my course. I really don't know what to feel right now, I'm just really dumbfounded. I don't know when will I be able to pick up my momentum and be excited as I was on being a cabin crew again.


  1. Oh.. sorry to know about this.. sigh..

    I'm sure things will work turn out great when the right time comes.. I guess we're on the same boat.. I've been slacking out on more important things in my life too just because I'm too caught up with the cabin crew dream. But things happen.. We all have our share of ups and downs.. Don't worry.. you'll be okay.. Just look at FWB.. Hehe.. God's hand really works in mysterious ways.. Cheer up! xoxo

  2. uu nga. they say that if it's meant for you, in the right time and in the right place, it will be given to you... bka nga hnde ko pa time.. hays.. nakakalungkot lng.. ksi super excited n tlga ako and focus na tlga sa pgging cabin crew n lng dpt na iisipin ko..

  3. *sigh.. prince ok lang yan. when the right time comes everything will be perfect. :)

    tuloy parin ba get together?

  4. Prince, sad to know about that, but I'm sure God has plans for you, I agree with Charlie and CMW :)
    I understand how you feel,Ako man, gusto ko na talaga umalis sa work ko nakaka burn out haha, dami ko napagdaanan sa almost 1 year na ginagawa ko yung work na yon, I even thought na mag awol or magpagawa ng medical certificate haha, I'm so desperate na dati, pero eto ako, malapit na magresign kasi mageend na yung time bond, and mas doble ngayon yung determination ko maging FA, (so nagkwento naman ako, hehe). Let's just pray to God, I really believe that He answers our prayers, just like what FWB said :D Kaya natin to! :D

  5. @Joanne: at least kaw may work ka.. try mo kaya maghapon sa bahay at mabaliw sa kakaisip as kung magiging flight attendant ka.. hahaha.. aun ung nakkabaliw sa kin.. lols.. kya eto kht ground positions nag apply na ko. pero bka sa 5J ako mapunta.. may magpapasok sa kin.. hehehe... oo kaya ntin to!! magkikita kita tayo sa airport one day... pero sana isang airline lng pra msaya pag iisa flight.. hahaha.. naku dapat magkitakita na tau!! :)