Monday, November 23, 2009

One step at a time

For the past months, a lot of things happened to me. with that, I learned that we shouldn't rush things. If it is meant for you, it will be yours at the right time. Take one step at a time, start small and slowly climb your way up. There's nothing wrong in aiming high but make sure you don't expect too much. And if you fail, stand up and try again. Sometimes disappointments can help you mold yourself into perfection. Remember that great things in life happens unexpectedly, unplanned and unintended. We don't always get what we want in life and there are times that we have to sacrifice for our goals. Trust yourself that you will be what you ever dreamed of becoming to be.

A friend of mine had her disappointment when she got rejected for employment for NAS Air. She gave up Cebu Pacific, even though she already got the job, for NAS because its a much bigger opportunity for her. That didn't stop her from applying again for other airlines. When she applied for Emirates and Qatar, she got in. Seemed to me like she hit a pot of gold and blessings are really pouring on her. Now, she is just waiting for her DOJ (Date of Joining) for Emirates. Her story is quite similar to the movie "A View from the Top" that's why I always say to her that she is my Donna Jansen. FWB (click on the link for her blogs)

The point is, if you truly want something, never give up and take all the opportunities that comes knocking on your door. We will never know when will our time will be.

As for me, I will be venturing (for now) a similar job but on the ground. I will be applying as a Ground Attendant before going back for FA positions. After I got enough experience and I am more confident than ever, I will be back for Emirates. I have to admit that making a choice between being an FA and not an FA is really hard but I just have to. I wouldn't just quit on something I strongly believe is for me. Starting small.



  1. Don't lose hope! I have this friend who's a guy, keeps on trying to get in for EK. He was rejected almost 5 times. Five times! We told him maybe it's not for him. He didn't give up. It took him almost two years to be in his position now. As like what they said, "Good things come to those who wait." :)

  2. uu nga eh.. na-inspire nmn ako dun sa snabi mo.. thanks :) naku hnde tlga ako mag ggve up.. kahit anu mangyri. tuloy pa rin :)

  3. aww wow..thanks for this prince :)
    i'm superkaduper touched.
    anyway, i'm really glad that you're really optimistic about everything.
    in time, you'll get to live the dream. i'm sure of it. :)

  4. FWB: sympre natutunan ko un sau eh.. :) at kung iisipin ko din mtagal na ko nasiraan dito kakaisip.. hehehe...

  5. One Step at a time, right? Just keep believing in your dream, dude..

  6. @phie: yes and yes :) and Welcome to my blogsite :)