Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anxiety Blues

I just had my coffee and pan de sal. A typical morning for me except I haven't had any sleep yet. Why?. My anxiety attacks are getting worse every day. Been thinking about a lot of things lately that I shouldn't worry about. I don't know really if its helping me or depressing me even more. It's a little bit personal so I can't elaborate much about it. I just need to divert my attention to just about anything to keep me from going loco. Well, I know I'll be laughing about this someday. We all have our time to shine right? and mine isn't just now. 

I just started my day by making a comment from a user on Youtube regarding his issues on what airline he should apply for.  And also just had my first debut comment on Sodwee's Blog (Airboy). I so admire his dedication for his job. by the way, I'm still watching his videos.

Updates on my diet:

So far I have lost 8 kilos in a short amount of time and looking forward to achieve my desirable weight. Take note that there are no forms of exercise involved. I was kinda thinking what will be the result if I went back to the gym. I just need to find time to do that. I find it hard to budget my time now that I messed up my sleeping habit (the usual 10:00-06:00), but I will find time for it as soon as I get back on track. Can't wait to look hot(ter). hahaha. This dieting stuff made me go paranoid about the foods I take. I tend to count the calories each time I put something in my mouth. And now, I'm making a calorie chart for the foods I usually take and I most likely to eat. This will all be worth it if I achieve my goals.

***Still waiting for the items I bought on ebay*** 

Crap, I still have 14 hours to stay awake. I need to find something to do to keep me busy and forget about sleeping. 

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