Wednesday, May 20, 2009

around the world

It has been my dream to travel around the world since I was a kid. I saw a video of another flight attendant from Emirates and it inspired me and ignited my passion. He flew around the world from Austria and back. Stopping to as many cities as he can. Cathay Pacific offers this Globe Traveller Program to those who want to circumnavigate the world. It is possible through their tie-up programs to another airline also known as One World. I just want to share what my itenerary would be just in case.

MNL-BKK (Suvarnabhumi International) (Thai)
BKK-SIN (Changi International) (Singapore Airlines)
SIN-SYD (Kingsford Smith International) (Qantas)
SYD-CHC (Christchurch International)  (Emirates)
CHC-AKL (Auckland International) (Air New Zealand)
AKL-LAX (Tom Bradley International) (American Airlines)
LAX-MIA (Miami International) (American Airlines)
MIA-SXM (Princess Juliana International) (American Airlines)
SXM-AMS (Amsterdam International)  (KLM)
AMS-SVO (Sheremetyevo International) (Aeroflot)
SVO-ICN  (Incheon International) (Korean Air)
ICN-MNL (Ninoy Aquino International) (Philippine Airlines)

Of course, this can be altered depending on the departure city. But definitely my SXM will never dissapear.. This trip will be continuous. No more than 24 hour layover will be involved. =) See you somewhere!


  1. wow, does Cathay Pacific still offer the program? yeah, Amsterdam is interesting. Condom shops, marijuana lollies, and of course, the infamous red light district is something you should see.hehe.

  2. Yeah, and I think all One World members offers it. AMS is really something :)..