Wednesday, June 3, 2009

AF447 wreckage found

Wreckage spotted in the Atlantic Ocean is "without a doubt" from the Air France jet that disappeared en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro with 228 people on board, Brazil's defense minister said on Tuesday. A Brazilian Hercules plane on a search mission for the missing passenger jet saw a band of wreckage along a 5-km (3-mile) strip, Nelson Jobim told a news conference. "It confirms that the plane fell in this area," he said. (Reporting by Maria Pia Palermo; writing by Brian Ellsworth; editing by Stuart Grudgings and John O'Callaghan).

Although the wreckage has been found, the black box may never be recovered. The tragic event will never be unfolded and questions will never be answered. I have speculations about what happened on this flight. It might have experienced the same fate as TWA800 and CA611.  Both disintegrated in the air without warning due to metal fatigues. Of course this could be just a possibility considering that the flight flew into major thunderstorm where it could have suffered from a heavy turbulence. The fact that the aircraft sent an emergency signal stating that there is a loss of cabin pressure. Explosive decompression is somewhat the same thing happens when you pop a balloon. I can just imagine that the passengers died before they hit the water due to suffocation caused by the loss of oxygen. Going back to the issue, This is the first accident involving an Airbus A330 in 11 years. This could not have been a major design flaw. Air France also have their maintenance for every aircrafts every now and then so I doubt what brought this plane down is a technical glitch. I'm sure NTSB will let us know what happened to this ill-fated flight if they can trace every second of this event without the blackbox.


This catastrophe will never stop me from flying. It made me stronger by facing what consequences might happen. God Forbid. I am ready no matter what. And the chances of dying in a plane crash is very slim. It's like a 1to a million ratio. Being involved in a car accident is much more imminent than being involved in a plane accident.


"once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you long to return...." 
-Leonardo DaVinci

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