Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just when I thought....

Just when I thought I have given up admiring Westlife, I saw a copy of their concert and bought it. I just wanted to see how they have been after 10 years. So I went home and watched their concert in Ireland held just last year. I really wasn't expecting that I would give another "wow" for them. Surprisingly, I did. Hehehe. I have never imagined that I would feel what I felt when I started liking them back in high school. There are too many changes but their songs never fails to touch my heart *mushy mode*. They have this certain melody in their songs that I love so much. Haaays... I may be getting older but my respect for them and for their music will never change. It may sound too nerdy but I really don't care. Westlife is Westlife, They are truly unbreakable. Shane and Nicky both has kids, Kian have a fiance and no doubt they will be married soon, My favorite Mark, announced that he have a boyfriend. I still like him though. They are sooo cute together. Okay, so much for that. Back to reality!

PS : Im still their number 1 fan!!

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