Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Air France tail fin found...

The rudder of the missing flight found: This is a major breakthrough for the recovery team since the black boxes of the aircraft can be found on the tail section of the aircraft. It narrows down the search area where they should be looking for the black boxes. The rudder may also give a vital clue why the plane crashed. See, the rudder fins have a "swing" limit although it prevents the aircraft from spinning. It might have detached itself after suffering from the forces of the turbulence caused by the stormy weather in that area. The pitot tubes from the fuselage may also be a factor. The pressure of the air entering the pitot tubes measures the airspeed and the angle of the plane. If in case it froze up during the flight, it will certainly give the wrong airspeed. This one that crashed was supposed to have its pitot tubes replaced "in the coming weeks" before it went down. AF should have grounded their A330 fleets for replacements. So far, 24 bodies had been found. 202 to go. I just hope they find the black boxes before the end of this month because it only emits frequency/signal for 30 days.

Black BoxES.. yes there are two black box in a plane. The Cockpit Voice Recorder and the Flight Data Recorder

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