Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mid Exam Week

Yesterday was a very bad day for me. I hardly slept because I was preparing for my exams. Since I didn't sleep, I expected that I was going to arrive in school early (big deal if you're always late). My anxiety was growing as I prepare to leave my house. Things started to change when our driver turned the van around to take a different route. What a waste of time (15minutes of it, plus the time we traveled to get back on the usual route). I arrived in school at around 8:30 (30 mins late for my exam) when I remembered that I still have to print something. Ugh. The printer at the shop was acting weird, it wouldn't print my documents unless it's on normal mode (I prefer draft coz it prints faster). By the time it was done, it's already 9am. I was arguing with the person in charge on the shop about how slow their printer is. I remained calm because she is my friend and it wasn't her fault anyway. Then I went inside the campus to find my professor and talk to him about the exam I missed. He was kind enough to give me the exam right there in the office. As I was taking the exam, I noticed that almost none of what I reviewed was there. Wtf!. After that, I prepared for my exam by 12. I was cramming to review the topic I missed on that subject just to learn it is not included in the exam. But I can say that I did well. Bad lucks are over.

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  1. hi kuya prince!

    andito na naman ako sa blogspot because of you and FWB hehe. im following your blogs and i hope you can check out mine too. :)