Sunday, August 23, 2009

cont. of the previous post

By 1pm we went all went to our tambayan (a.k.a tita B's house). And there, we enjoyed the free aircon. Lolz.. Tita C followed by 3pm coz we’re going to visit my cousin's new house in Silang. The place is really nice. It's overlooking Laguna de Bay. Nice setting for breakfast on the terrace while the sun is rising. Sooo romantic. After 30 minutes or so, we decided to go home. On the way, we stopped to buy japanese corns. A guy approached us and asked if we would be interested in viewing their model houses. Since we are scouting for a nice community to live in, we said yes (I thought he was cute).

South Forbes Golf City is a 250 hectares of land located just a few minutes away from Sta. Rosa. It is divided into 6 classifications of modern subdivision living + 2 condominiums. Bali Mansions, Phuket Mansions, Chateaux de Paris, Mediterranean Villas, Miami, and the Tokyo Mansions. When we entered the model house for the Tokyo Mansions I was so impressed by how it is designed. The Meiji model is the best for me. It has a huge staircase, a T&B to die for, 3 bedrooms (1 convertible to entertainment room), living area, a not so dirty kitchen, main kitchen, and dining. A fully furnished Meiji costs around 40M. Expensive, right?. The agent advised me that it would be more practical if we buy just the lot and we can find our own contractors to build the house for us. More cheaper. He gave me a computation for the lot price. I think I may be able to start saving money for that in 1 year. Too bad, I was unable to charge my phone enough (just bought it today) so I can take pictures inside the model house itself. But my agent was kind enough to give me a portfolio of the properties. I took a picture of it instead. :)

This model house is the one I was talking about. Few teleseryes had been filmed here. "Eva Fonda" and the "Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang".. I hate GMA.. \m/

Visit for more info. :)

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