Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Malling with Angelo

As usual, food tripping was fun. We decided to eat at Burger King since we were at Wendy's last week (we love expensive burgers). Like I told him, I don't want to say big burgers coz it sounds like we're gluttonous. After indulging our taste buds, we walked around the mall and visited the usual places we go to whenever we are there. Bench (underwears), Surplus shop (anything), Our Home (stuff), and Book Sale for DUH!.. I was looking for books about travel so we went to BS. We scoured through shelves of books and managed to find a few. I only bought one to see if it's worth reading. Marrakesh is the capital city of Morocco. An Arabic country that also speaks french. Nice!. The book is published by Rough Guides. They have other titles or should I say countries?. Well, that's all I can tell for now coz I haven't read the book yet.

Emirates flies to Morocco daily through Casablanca Mohamed V Airport. EK751 DXB-CMN Departs DXB 0735 and Arrives in CMN 1155

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