Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'll do it all over again

39th Day, Sunday

I'm planning to get out of the house anyway so I asked my cousin(Sarah) to watch a movie. Still feeling sick, I took a shower and went out. As I queue to get the tickets I can't help but wish that you were still there beside me. The lady told me that the seats for the movie isn't reserved seating but only guaranteed. I waited for her til it's 4:15pm (5 minutes before the movie starts). Sarah told me that she's going to treat me a popcorn so I said OK. I was surprised to see she was only carrying one bucket of cheese flavored popcorn. I said, "alam mo ba na pag nanunuod kami ni Legenn eh laging dalawa binibili namin?" ( Did you know that every time Legenn and I watch a movie, we always buy two?) and then laughed. As we entered the cinema, I looked straight for seats R19 and R20 (we own those seats) but someone is seating at R19 with R18 (couple) so we had to settle for the seats directly in front of it. We were just in time for the movie because as we took our seats, the opening credits begun to roll. I know we were supposed to watch "Puss in Boots" together but you're not here with me. The movie was funny but at some point it kept on reminding me about you. The first part of the movie showed a tattoo "LEGENDARY" and the magic beans and Sarah laughed. And oh boy, that word popped out a lot on that movie. I still remember how you used to laugh whenever you see "Puss" lick the milk of the glass. I wish I could hear that laughter once again. Anyway, as the film progresses, there were three girls talking loudly near us. I almost wanted to stand up and approach them to tell them to shut up. Last time I was supposed to do that, you shoved me back to my seat. I just let it pass this time. I miss you. BTW, as usual, the popcorn didn't last up to the middle part of the movie and if you were there beside me, my hand will be on your bucket of popcorn. After the movie, I decided to stay at the mall to walk around. I bought a necklace for our ring. If I can't wear it on my finger, at least it's close to my heart. I also had it cleaned so it looks brand new. The saleslady was asking for the cleaning card but I said I lost it when in fact I wanna say, I lost the person who has it. I almost bought the watch I wanted but I have to hold back for another month because I still need to pay something. I'm now wearing the necklace with the ring as a pendant so people will know that I'm waiting for someone. Someone close to my heart. I keep on wondering how our story will end. Will it end like the story of Carrie and Big? amidst the problems they encountered they still ended up together? Can you still remember how I say "through thick and thin" to you? I hope you do. So there, that's how my Sunday went. I still need to recover from a Flu but going back to work tomorrow. I wish you're doing good with your job. Be a good boy as I always knew you were.

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