Saturday, September 5, 2009

AI B747's engine catches fire while taxiing

NEW DELHI September 4

More than 200 passengers and crew of an Air India flight had a
narrow escape at the Mumbai airport Friday when they were evacuated
after an engine of their plane caught fire, a news report said.

The ground staff at the airport noticed the fire and smoke from
the engine as the aircraft was taxiing for takeoff, the IANS news
agency reported.

The passengers and crew were evacuated through emergency exit
chutes of the Boeing 747, which was brought to a halt on the

No one was hurt in the incident because the blaze was put out
immediately, Air India spokesman Jitendra Bhargav told the news

The Air India flight was bound for the Saudi Arabian capital of
Riyadh. The passengers are to leave for Riyadh on another plane
later Friday.

Air India authorities were investigating the cause of the fire,
officials said.

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  1. Good thing no one was hurt... I wish I could handle this kind of situation if I ever get an FA job :)