Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Priorities, Priorities, Preparations, Preparations!

Just a few minutes ago, I received some news that could send the whole world trembling (exaggerating). Myla is sooooooo kind enough to share that Emirates... ehrrr.. IPAMS is recruiting and is now conducting preliminary assessment for EK cabin crew position (I checked). Thanks Myla!. I texted Jen to inform her about that. I was right when I told her to hold on to something. She called me immediately to confirm it and she was sooooooooo excited about it (You would know if you were at the other end of the line). Oh yeah!, she will be there on friday. Goodluck Jen! Jen made it through til the 3rd round of the elimination process last time she applied, that's why I really believe that she can make it this time. Nuf' said.

I just finished fitting my "application outfits" and I must say I'm satisfied how it looks on me now than before. I'm going to share some information that might help when applying for the position. Don't forget this! Obtain a REFERENCE NUMBER from the Emirates Group Careers website, you will need this when filling up an application form in IPAMS (website or personal). Then you can prepare for the rest of the requirements. PHOTOS! You must be in business attire with your HANDS OPEN (Definitely not closed fist and don't spread those fingers too much). PASSPORT, although not required to be new (you can renew it after getting the position), is important as much as your.... ugh.. your... (can't think of a methapor) well, You get the picture right?. But I personally like my documents valid upon application. Next, You should have all required clearances including NBI, Police and even Baranggay Clearance for whatever purpose it may serve them :P. Prepare these things as early as possible so that a few days before your assessment schedule you can still prep yourself up before the judgement day. (Too tired to share about Hair and Make up Tips, will post it tomorrow).

I personally allow 14 days of preparation for myself (assuming all documents are with me already) to get my facial treatment, hair and my teeth done. Facial treatments usually take two weeks to achieve optimum results. I do my haircut 4 days before, so that its just about the right length and my teeth whitened and cleaned 2 days prior my schedule.

If you need more info about the requirements and the selection process, Visit Airboy's and Annie's site.

**I was uber hyper earlier and I think that's the reason why my energy is flushed out already**

Goodluck to Us!!


Keep Smiling!


  1. ..For sure your well planned preparations will payoff someday.. Good luck on your application.. I'll be so happy when you made it! God bless

  2. Thanks Ate Star!! and I have you to thank for it! As you are one of my few inspirations. =)