Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A sign????

Yesterday, I asked my mom to accompany me to St. Claire's chapel here in Laguna (which is just a 5-minute ride from our place), she said yes, so we went there by 3:00 pm. When we arrived, I wasn't really quite sure what to do so I just sat down on the pew and kneeled down to say my prayer. I asked if they could give me some signs if I should pursue my planned assessment on October 10. After that, I lit a few candles and again, prayed. It was actually a good feeling that I visited the church (chapel) once again after a few mont.... actually, years! (Thanks to FWB who opened my eyes)

My cousins and I decided to go shopping for DVDs in a nearby flea market later that day. While we were walking, I spotted a surplus shop or more commonly known as "Ukay-Ukay". I said that it would be fun browsing through used stuff (and yes it was!). I was laughing at my cousin when she said that she saw a cutesy outfit for her baby (I though she was joking) which I think is a bit odd because I knew she would never buy anything from that store. When I turned to face her, she was holding a (I hate to admit it but it is indeed cute) little newborn clothing (I don't know what it is called, help me!) and what was written on it really surprised me. Could it be my first sign? Tell me what you guys think.

I also bought a tie that day and I keep saying (til' now) that I'm still having second thoughts about the assessment.

For those who want to go to IPAMS but don't know the location of the office, please refer to the picture below.

RED CIRCLE : IPAMS office should be right about there.
ORANGE CIRCLE : Pedro Gil LRT Station
BLUE CIRCLE: Robinsons' Place Ermita
YELLOW LINE: It's a line. just follow it.

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  1. It's great that you're forming a habit of going to church already :)
    and yes, i say that's a sign!go for it prince! :)