Monday, September 14, 2009

EK Global Assessment Days are ON! + Ebay next buys

I just learned from Sodwee a.k.a Airboy, that Emirates resumed its Global Assessment days. For September, it will start tomorrow in London, UK. This news will definitely give me an adverse effect later when I try to sleep (Hyperactivity prohibits it) and when I eat (the thought of being rejected because of my weight, won't let me). As of today, Preparations will be made, starting from my weight (main problem) and... ughh... I think that's all there is. Oh yeah, I still need to learn French (a plus) /Arabic (an asset) and I need to find a sponsor for my cabincrewdirect training. :) Goodluck to everyone!

My Ebay next buys :)

Fasten your seatbelts and check your emergency exits - What do the pilots and cabin crew of Fresh, a new low budget airline based in London, really get up to, both in and out of uniform?

Mile High is the fast, sexy and gripping drama that charts the lives and loves of an airline cabin crew who excel in leaving little to the imagination and taking membership of the Mile High Club to new heights.

Season 1 consists of 4 DVDs and the 2nd season has 7. There is a special 11 DVD set which includes both season for much cheaper price. I've seen the series and I must say that some of the scenes will make you think twice applying as a cabin crew.

Losing her mother at a young age, Misaki Yoko (Ueto Aya) was raised amongst three brothers. Yoko is a slightly boyish girl who is bullheaded and hates dishonesty. Ever since she was young, she enjoyed the company of boys over girls. She starts a band with four of her boy friends and becomes the lead singer. Then one day, one of the members of the band, Tsukasa, gets a job at a bank in Tokyo. On the day Tsukasa leaves for Tokyo, Yoko goes along with the band members to the airport to see him off. The guys get excited when they see some cabin crew ladies and Yoko has no idea why. She reminds them that even she can wear a uniform, but the guys only make fun of her. That's when Tsukasa tells Yoko he wonders what she'd look like dressed in uniform. This is when Yoko decides she wants to work as a Cabin Attendant. (JAL)

After suffering cuts in pay and benefits as a flight attendant after 9/11, Hester turned in his wings and became a travel writer. This follow-up to his industry tell-all, Plane Insanity, is based on his syndicated column, "Continental Drifter," and details his experiences traveling across six continents in the space of a year, spending just $60 a day. Although Hester manages to land on couches as often as he rents hotel rooms, this isn't a guide to frugal travel tricks. Instead, it's a romp with an adventurer who rarely becomes jaded or travel weary, and has a way of falling into amusing situations. For example, Hester's affection for Kangol hats has people mistaking him for Samuel L. Jackson at a film festival in eastern Europe; true to his jaunty nature, he doesn't correct them. Hester's writing is lively, and he keeps his observations light. However, the travelogue does have serious moments, as when the author describes being stared at unrelentingly in Argentina because, he says, 97% of the inhabitants are of white European origin. But the seriousness, like Hester's stay in each country, never lasts long.

--After reading Plane Insanity, Elliott Hester instantly became my Hero! :)--

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