Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ondoy Experience

Woke up at around 8 a.m. this morning, waiting for my classmates' texts and making my mind up if I should go to school or not. Went outside an hour later when I saw what the non-stop-rain had done to our street(made my decision right after). It was totally submerged knee deep on water(dirty). It was lunch time when we noticed that our dirty kitchen had accumulated water too. Normally, You wouldn't see me soaking my feet in flood water for a long time but I had to do something or else. I grabbed something that I can use to scoop out the dirty water in our dirty kitchen to minimize flooding. Meanwhile, Another menace had managed to show up, cockroaches were all over the place (they are in groups so it's really gross), I quickly looked for the insect spray and when I got my hands on it, it was really hard to detach myself from it. I sprayed like I'm one of the ghost-busters catching ghosts(wish Angelo was here, I know you love roaches bud! :P), It was really fun and I hope that I've seen the last of them. Must've killed hundreds of them, Damn roaches!

I hate to admit it but I really enjoyed playing on the water(missing my childhood years). Of course we know the flood water carries diseases that can be transmitted to us if we have an open wound so I stopped when I got myself injured. =(

Can you see how high the flood was?

Newly waxed?? Not! That's actually the water starting to make its way to our dining area

Rio Grande Rapids =)

Dad and Mom saving her precious furnitures while I'm taking pictures

Front Lawn submerged

12 hours had passed since I woke up, the rain has stopped, flood has subsided and now everything is back to normal. Thank God!

**This is the first time that flood water got inside our house. Thanks to, not Milenyo, not Rosing, but Ondoy. I must say that it was quite an experience.


  1. Well at least you guys are okay. I also saved our carpets and mopped the floor.

  2. yuh! Thank God.. hahaha we also mopped the floor after the flood subsided.. lansa ng water eeeh.. =)